Chiphead Consulting

This is the home page for Chiphead Consulting.  It's merely a placeholder for things to come.  The company was formed in 1989 when I was hired by a telecommunications company to work on a Smalltalk system.  The company wasn't exactly committed to object technology so they refused to hire me full time and I had to create Chiphead Consulting so I could work on a contract basis.  Even though they weren't committed I was and have been ever since!

I spent the last eleven years developing object oriented systems in Smalltalk and Java.  Most of my Java work has been deployed on the server-side of dynamic web sites as servlets but I have built a few applets and applications along the way.  If the truth were to be known my heart is still in the world of Smalltalk but there isn't much call for it these days.  I have been working on a Smalltalk port of the Java servlet framework.  I'll try to publish the source code when I get some free time.

Over the course of my work I have developed a method  for building  object oriented systems that looks, at a high level, a lot like the Unified Process (UP).  My process is "use case centric" and "iterative" just like the UP.  I like to think my method is lighter weight than UP.  Recently I have become interested in Extreme Programming (XP).  Any method that focuses on coding as its central activity is OK by me!

My current interests include Extensible Markup Language (XML), Aspect Oriented Programming and  Extreme Programming (XP).  If you want to find out more about Chiphead Consulting or have a big fat contract for me to sign, please contact me at:

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